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What will my Boutik be called?

What do you want to call it?

Even though it is hosted on our servers, you will still choose the domain name (www.YourDomainName.com), depending on availability of course.

Il will not be a sub-domain of Kit Boutik.com (Kit-Boutik.com/YourBoutik or YourBoutique.Kit-Boutik.com).

What if I already have my domain name?

If you already own your domain name, you have 2 choices;

1-      We can transfer your domain name to our account in order to offer you a complete turnkey solution.

2-      You can simply aim your domain name to our servers by modifying your DNS (Domain Name Server) addresses.

Where will our Boutik be hosted ?

Your Boutik will be hosted with our partner, 3i-Technologies. This ensures a better control over your Boutik on a technical as well as a security aspect.

We will keep your Boutik updated and operational as well as do monitoring and daily backups.

And if I already have a web site?

If you already have a web site, your have three choices here;

1-      You can simply create a link pointing to your Boutik on our server. (ex. http://myslippers.kit-boutik.com)

2-      You can ask your webmaster to create a link pointing to your Boutik in a 'popup' type window on your site.

3-      Finally, you can ask your webmaster to create a link to your Boutik in an 'iFrame' directly on your site in a more transparent manner.

I would like to purchase my Boutik rather than lease it on a monthly basis as you propose it, is this possible?

No problem, the Kit-Boutik.ca partners are website designers for SMBs and self-employed folks. Don't hesitate to contact us for your specific needs.

What if I want to add more informational content on my Boutik?

We have developped this concept in order to offer our customers an affordable, simple and quick e-commerce solution. It has been conceived for online ecommerce. Although there is already ample space for your Boutik's basic information and each category and product has room for plenty of detailed descriptions, it is possible to create additional content pages. We have established a fixed rate of $250 per page ( french & english included). All content (texts and photos), is to be supplied by the customer.

Is it complicated to add my products to my Boutik ?

Not at all. The most difficult part for most customers is in choosing their photos ! Afterwards, you simply have to type in your descriptive texts for categories and their associated products, and, of course, set your prices. That's it, you are ready to start selling. Many built-in options are integrated into your ecommerce platform to fine-tune your selling experience.

I don't have time to enter my products in my Boutik, can you help me?

In these cases, we can offer you additional services in order to create your initial Boutik. You will still need to supply us with your product descriptions, photos and prices and we will handle the rest. Contact us for more information.

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